On a Budget? 3 Ways You Can Still Customize Your Motorcycle

You own a motorcycle and you've been thinking about customizing it so that it reflects your own personality and style in some way or another. Have you been browsing through motorcycles magazines or websites and realize that customizing your bike is something that is way out of your budget because thousands of dollars is something that you just can't afford right now? Well, luckily for you, putting motorcycle customization doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. Read More 

Hearing A Grinding Noise In Your Just-Purchased Used Car? Burned Ring And Pinion Parts May Be To Blame

Buying a used car can be a crap shoot because you may end up with a lemon. For example, you could end up hearing a grinding noise not long after you start driving it. There are many reasons that a car's engine could make these types of severe noises. One that few understand is burned ring and pinion parts. A Burned Ring And Pinion Causes Grinding Ring and pinon parts are located in your differential system and help keep it running smoothly. Read More