Hearing A Grinding Noise In Your Just-Purchased Used Car? Burned Ring And Pinion Parts May Be To Blame

Buying a used car can be a crap shoot because you may end up with a lemon. For example, you could end up hearing a grinding noise not long after you start driving it. There are many reasons that a car's engine could make these types of severe noises. One that few understand is burned ring and pinion parts.

A Burned Ring And Pinion Causes Grinding

Ring and pinon parts are located in your differential system and help keep it running smoothly. However, they can also end up getting burned and causing a shiny surface on the teeth edges. When this happens, the striations on the gears are no longer visible. As a result, the differential is likely to cause a variety of loud clattering and grinding noises.

This type of burning isn't uncommon in older used cars because few people understand the importance of maintaining their ring and pinon systems. Thankfully, there is usually just one cause of this problem, making it easier to fix this concern and avoid serious dangers.  

Poor Lubrication Is The Likely Suspect

Few people realize that their ring and pinon parts require lubrication to ensure that they keep working. Oil is added to these parts and helps then run more smoothly. It also helps avoid burning and other serious problems.

While most used car dealers will know that they have to maintain this part of the engine, there's a chance that a previous owner did not. As a result, it is important to know how to avoid this problem and to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Avoiding This Problem

If your ring and pinion parts are burned, they need to be replaced as soon as possible. Once they are replaced by a professional, you can take several steps to ensure that it doesn't get worse later. For example, you need to get your ring and pinon parts lubricated every 30,000-50,000 miles. This step is something that a professional can do for you quite easily.

The oil it uses is typically a little heavier than normal, at or around 80 weight. The differential isn't a complex part to repair and maintain in most cases. However, improperly lubricating the system could make it even worse if you don't focus on every part in your vehicle.

So if you think the differential of your vehicle is suffering from this problem, it is a good idea to take your vehicle into a mechanic. They can assess your ring and pinion parts and decide if they are burned or not. And if your warranty is still fresh on the used car, you may be able to get these repairs paid for by the dealer.